Flagging [adjective]

Definition of Flagging:


Synonyms of Flagging:

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Sentence/Example of Flagging:

The platform has a smart way of flagging situations like this, though, using a color-coded system to let you know if there’s something you should be worried about.

News of students’ flagging academic performance has spurred some mothers and fathers to even greater anger over the continued shutdown of most major school systems in Northern Virginia.

The self-dealing accusation hit hard and Loeffler had to pivot, as early polls showed her flagging.

She was utterly tired out; she longed for something to inspire her flagging strength.

More, she used all her influence to keep up the feeling for him in the country, to prevent flagging of enthusiasm.

With a clear, firm voice he roused the flagging courage of the villagers, reformed their ranks and led them to the charge.

It took all of his strength, but it moved, complaining as it slid along the flagging.

He laid her gently upon the flagging, and ran to the Hall for water.

For the uplift of his flagging, flaccid will he seemed likely to require either the Archimedean lever or the Archimedean screw.

The long list of attractions has held the interest of its members without flagging.