Leaden [adjective]

Definition of Leaden:

made of lead

Synonyms of Leaden:

Opposite/Antonyms of Leaden:


Sentence/Example of Leaden:

Soldiers called out, and they gave two unfortunates leaden food enough to kill them.

Several tons of leaden pipe were dug up in Fleet street, London, laid down 300 years before.

The wind-blown rain-makers lost their leaden hue and became a soft pearl-gray, all fleecy white around the edges.

Thickets were swept as with a great jagged scythe by the leaden hail which swept through them.

For the rest, the “Dolphin” is a singularly dull and unromantic-looking house, painted a leaden hue.

Rifts in the leaden sky show fiery storm-streaks during the day, and the night is dark as death.

The flush of anger faded from his face; its leaden hue returned and he shivered as with cold.

English wrought-iron gates are fastened to posts at the top of which are two leaden eagles with half-spread wings.

So the two went apart again; and the leaden-footed hours crept by, and the girl still wrestled with the fiend.

The first leaden, sullen attitude continued in the mechanical, colorless recital.