Dwindling [verb]

Definition of Dwindling:

waste away; taper off

Synonyms of Dwindling:

Opposite/Antonyms of Dwindling:

Sentence/Example of Dwindling:

In part, that’s due to a “recognition of dwindling trust in other establishment bodies,” Cookson said.

Letting a species or variety dwindle to just a few individuals is a conservation nightmare.

So, once Rouches gets it up the winding highway, she usually stays for a while—or at least until the storm cycle dwindles.

The value of a Jiko account isn’t the potential for high yields—a dwindling fintech battleground amid the Fed’s slashing of interest rates—but the peace of mind in knowing one’s funds are secured with government debt.

Still, others argue that preserving snow days is the least schools can do to keep at least one of the dwindling number of school-year rituals intact.

In the longer term, domestic rivals in China could benefit from Huawei’s dwindling chip supply, as consumers grow wary of buying a phone from a brand with an uncertain future.

Outdoor heaters have dwindling returns with every gust of icy wind.

However, as winter approached and the songs dwindled, the whales switched to singing during the daytime.

Rivera’s customers vanished almost immediately, and his business dwindled.

He sees ZEV credit sales dwindling to much lower numbers by the start of 2024.