Sink [verb]

Definition of Sink:

fall in, go under

Synonyms of Sink:

Opposite/Antonyms of Sink:

Sentence/Example of Sink:

Favour for a person will exalt the one, as disfavour will sink the other.

I'd level straightway with the dust, and with it sink our shame.

Pop was putting away the dishes, and Jud was scrubbing out the sink.

Do not let this great and disastrous fall sink you into lower depths of sin.

In the light of the cross we cannot believe that He expected the race to sink.

When they reached Bonanza the sun was low, and when they were off San Lucar it had begun to sink.

The melted rock was so thick and heavy that I did not sink in.

What was 't you said about our going to that sink of wickedness at Providence?

Despair has made cowards brave: shall it sink the brave to cowards?

Jeremiah, the captain deserts the ship, but you and I will sink or float with it.'