Overturn [verb]

Definition of Overturn:

flip over

Synonyms of Overturn:

Opposite/Antonyms of Overturn:

Sentence/Example of Overturn:

In the name of the Deity he sent dragoons to overturn parliaments.

With that you overturn all the schools of theology and all the temples of the earth.

And even if it does not overturn, if it fails, it will not end, but pause.

In case of an overturn or accident, the two would be swept among them.

Democracy has on one side to assimilate aristocracy, and not overturn it.

How could a blind man do all that and not overturn one thing in the room?

There was now a Liberal party seeking to overturn President Miraflores.

Nothing is done to overturn it, nothing, absolutely nothing!

I jammed on both my breaks, and by good fortune the car did not overturn.

His friendship is seldom so stedfast, but that lust, drink, or anger may overturn it.