Spill [verb]

Definition of Spill:

slop, drop

Synonyms of Spill:

Opposite/Antonyms of Spill:

Sentence/Example of Spill:

It simply must be done to preserve the equilibrium and avoid a spill.

Spill it all out, I say, an' make the world smell as sweet as honey.

But I think they'll a' gang daft, and spill bluid like wather!'

“Guess we could spill some of it, sergeant,” he declared meaningly.

One sharp curve in the track and that load will spill all over the place.

She snatched a spill from the mantel-piece and thrust it between the bars of the fire.

Hold on tight, boys; and, if we spill, spring clear for a soft place.

You always want to cut off somebody's head and spill no blood.

Had his hot Spanish blood kept the memory of the dagger that had tried to spill it?

He's still so shaken that he'd spill out anything—everything.