Scatter [verb]

Definition of Scatter:

strew, disperse

Synonyms of Scatter:

Opposite/Antonyms of Scatter:

Sentence/Example of Scatter:

Scatter the fires at once and extinguish the blazing brands.

Scatter the redcoats, drive them off the island, hurl them into the river!

Scatter my ashes to all the winds—spread them through all seas.

I could sing 'Scatter seeds of kindness' and 'Yield not to temptation.'

Our motto is "Scatter Sunshine," and our song is the prettiest music I ever heard.

Scatter the things anywhere that they will lodge, as soon as they are higher than the dam.

Scatter that seed upon the waters, and doubt not of the harvest!

Scatter a few tufts of the winter Aconite beneath it, and leave them alone.

Scatter their fleets by thy tempests at sea, and destroy their armies on land!

Scatter all the rails, plates, and ties down our side of the slope.