Litter [noun]

Definition of Litter:

mess, debris

Synonyms of Litter:

Opposite/Antonyms of Litter:

Sentence/Example of Litter:

The discs can be covered with kitty litter to make your cat feel at home, perched on top of the toilet.

This includes the cat’s routine of stepping into sandy-textured litter, doing its business, and burying the waste.

No more scooping litter twice a day, no more cluttering your living room with a clunky litter box.

They aren’t texting their litter mates to catch up and swiping around on the furry equivalent of Bumble.

This is essentially an extra-strength garbage bag sprinkled with a proprietary mix of kitty litter for humans, which makes your waste solid, less stinky, and OK to deposit in a trash can.

The plain furniture was stiffly arranged, and there was no litter of clothing or small feminine belongings.

Let my litter be prepared, and send men on horseback to provide relays of carriers every ten miles.

The exact mode in which the manure is to be managed must greatly depend on whether the supply of litter is large or small.

There is an old mother hog that has gotten quite wild, and has a litter of young ones with her that are hard to catch.

A piece of strong iron wire, which lay among the other litter, was inserted in a narrow slot, apparently a crack in the stone.