Clutter [noun]

Definition of Clutter:

disarray, mess

Synonyms of Clutter:

Opposite/Antonyms of Clutter:

Sentence/Example of Clutter:

If you only need your monitor to be raised slightly, or if you really want a monitor stand to hide some of your sticky note clutter, this Satechi Aluminum Universal Unibody Monitor is a great choice.

For example, you can split two tabs to take up half of the browser window each, or stack them on top of each other to reduce clutter inside the app.

Learn more about our planet, gaze at stunning images, and wow your friends while keeping clutter to a minimum.

Also, 70% agree that subscribing to products and services frees people from the burden of ownership, including maintenance, clutter and declining value.

When not in use, this wheel will fit nicely in the included storage base, which reduces clutter and extends the life of the blade.

There’s also a built-in cable management system within the arm to further reduce clutter and keep your desk looking clean.

Mayo noted that it was heaped full of spare cable and held the usual odds and ends of a clutter-box.

They have been retained in the introductory section but were omitted from the main text to reduce visual clutter.

There was a clutter of odds and ends of cargo that had been spilled from an upset surfboat the day before.

The red-roofed buildings of Cavite lay out on the end of the sickle like a clutter of bleached bones cast up by the tide.