Medley [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Medley:

He left the Polish philosopher on the threshold, agitated by a medley of feelings.

In this medley the sense of the present tended to disappear.

Waverley reached the castle amidst a medley of conflicting passions.

Mrs. Medley's reply was inaudible, but apparently in the affirmative.

There lay the medley of his books, his only friends, his real passion.

After these experiences you will awaken from some of life's medley of dreams and fears.

The protecting tenderness of yesterday was all lost in this medley.

So I must have love to play through my life, or else it will be nothing but a medley.

I trusted to Medley and the doctor, who were on shore, to help me.

Though I tried to conceal my fears Medley detected them, but he did not laugh at me.