Melee [noun]

Definition of Melee:

battle, fight

Synonyms of Melee:

Opposite/Antonyms of Melee:

Sentence/Example of Melee:

In the melee Redpath looked full into Allis's eyes at short range.

I understand there has been a melee, not much; merely a rouette; do get it all out of him.

This was to prevent shooting our own men in the melee, and in the darkness.

It is no slight advantage, in a melee of that kind, to be strong in officers.

In the melee the master was stabbed and the slave escaped into the woods.

I found myself in the midst of a melee with my hand at his throat and his at mine.

His gun, accidentally discharged in the melee, killed one of the peasants.

But a hasty search revealed that he had lost his knife in the melee.

A melee occurred, in which a thousand soldiers participated.

"Why, you—" there was a sudden flurry and Johnny's words were cut short in the melee.