Scrimmage [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Scrimmage:

Outnumbered twenty to one, they began to go down in the scrimmage.

How will it go with young O'Shea about this scrimmage, will it be serious?'

He was ashamed 172 because he had shown the white feather in the scrimmage.

They had been in a scrimmage with the Chippewas and had their wounded with them and many gory scalps, too.

I must have dropped it, sir, in the scrimmage—it was awful 'ot, sir!

It was the first scrimmage for the third squad fellows and they raced on eagerly.

He had been practicing with the "Tigers," and the scrimmage had been most exciting.

There was no scrimmage until the first-string men had trotted off the field.

But by this time the scrimmage had been seen at a distance, and there was a rally to the spot.

The scrimmage was quickly over, and when the captain returned I got a report from him.