Play [noun]

Definition of Play:

theater piece

Synonyms of Play:

Opposite/Antonyms of Play:

Sentence/Example of Play:

To play upon the silver-voiced flute is Theban-like and vulgar.

I'd play that fur the heftiest moral courage I've ever showed, anyway.

Or, you goin' to get her a stack of every colour and let her play with you?

He stood in deep shadow and the girl had been too absorbed in the play to note his coming.

He cries a minute, then forgets all about it, and grabs up something else to play with.

Their work seemed like play, while the play around them seemed like work.

Of course, we all like to play with fire, but I always put it out before it can spread.

And there is another area where the Federal Government can play a part.

By this engine, whose springs I am continually oiling, I play them all off.

She was not in the least surprised at not being invited by Evelyn to play chaperon.