Tragedy [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Tragedy:

It is their virtue in life to be lonely, and none but the lonely man in tragedy may be great.

He had no suspicion as to the tragedy that lay between him and her.

It was Demarest who gave an official touch to the tragedy of the moment.

In the first second of the tragedy, Dick had not understood.

Reginald's escape had rather knocked the tragedy out of the evening.

But the woman comes to be the centre, as we shall see, of tragedy after tragedy.

At any rate, this is the keynote of the tragedy, which is struck again and again.

It was the boy's weakened condition that was turning her revenge into tragedy.

Instead of trying to be the hero of his own history, he seeks to be the spectator of his own tragedy.

Eileen's face was a tragedy when her uncle insisted on making the arrangements.