Gain [noun]

Definition of Gain:

acquisition, winnings

Synonyms of Gain:

Opposite/Antonyms of Gain:

Sentence/Example of Gain:

Because if I ask the question, there’s a chance I might blow up a personal relationship or ruin a work relationship, whereas the gains to be made are, in some cases at least not life-changing.

On average, participants in each of the program’s training groups saw similar gains.

The stunning losses followed spectacular gains last month, which drew in many new investors chasing the hype and potential profits.

Broad-based gains in tech, autos and pharma are pushing global equities ever closer to an all-time high.

Republicans now expect to make gains in upcoming redistricting that could exceed the current 10-seat margin of Democratic control.

We must be willing to call out the bullies like Cruz and Hawley who are willing to promote these lies and conspiracies for their own personal gain and desire for power.

High school sophomore Jonathan Lebed, then 15, without admitting or denying the charges, agreed to pay the government $285,000 in ill-gotten gains and interest, the commission said.

The gain in employment was led by services employment, which rose by 156,000, the ADP data showed.

He still showed millions in total gains and other cash reserves.

So even the plateau phase of this data, in which the subjects are making modest strength gains, represents a significant bending of the age curve.