Dividend [noun]

Definition of Dividend:

one's share, profit

Synonyms of Dividend:

Opposite/Antonyms of Dividend:


Sentence/Example of Dividend:

Aurora’s hope is that its narrow focus on “the Driver” — the hardware and software system for controlling the car — rather than building the vehicle itself or maintaining a ride-sharing service, will pay dividends.

So, long term, the strategy of challenging incumbents could pay dividends for the left.

If you devote a little bit of your time and effort to these lists, they will pay great dividends to come search campaigns.

George Tzougros, executive director, Wisconsin Arts BoardSuch initiatives are paying dividends.

The know-how to fine-tune your searches will help you become a better SEO and pay dividends over the long term.

The exercise might seem complicated, but it paid quick dividends for Hugelmeyer.

Maybe you, President Yang, are already giving me a freedom dividend, which I appreciate.

Financial depression had succeeded a time of wild excitement, and the Midland dividend had fallen from seven to two per cent.

He appeared before the shareholders, offered, if his advice and methods were adopted, to guarantee double the then dividend.

But a bank can retain a dividend that has been declared to reduce the indebtedness of the owner to the bank for his stock.