Bonus [noun]

Definition of Bonus:

unexpected extra

Synonyms of Bonus:

Opposite/Antonyms of Bonus:

Sentence/Example of Bonus:

The fewer tests we do, the fewer people have that bonus push to really stay in lockdown.

Okay, fair disclaimer, this last step is more of a bonus step.

At Facebook, employees were paid bonuses of up to $15,000, just to live near its headquarters in Menlo Park, California.

There is the added bonus that it will also provide any necessary feedback.

How students perform on these tests can determine school funding, teacher bonuses, whether a principal is fired, and even whether a school will be shut down.

Moreover, when we come to pay off, the crew will receive a bonus, in consideration of the long and perilous voyage.

Hale bought all of old Judd's land, formed a stock company and in the trade gave June a bonus of the stock.

Hollister's crew, working on a bonus for work performed, kept the bolts of cedar gliding down the chute.

Nor was Jimmy at all displeased when he found at the end of the week that he had been given a nice bonus for his work.

Agents were appointed in each likely State, with sub-agents who were paid a bonus on every actual settler.