Gravy [noun]

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This method is great for sauces — including a quick pan sauce created after cooking a protein — and gravies that are only marginally looser than desired.

Like I always say, we try to do the best we can in the Dominican and Venezuela, and then anything else is gravy.

It’s especially good if the bread is a little sweet and the gravy a little too salty, so your senses keep getting mildly overwhelmed in different ways, like going in and out of the cooler saunas in a Korean spa.

He’s been in the kitchen since Thursday — baking dressing and stirring pots of gravy — and probably will not leave until it’s time to spend Thanksgiving with his own family.

This has been a very different year, so do something different with your gravy.

If I want to make a mushroom gravy, I’m going to add both roasted mushrooms and sauteed mushrooms, because cooking a vegetable in different ways brings out different layers of flavor.

In eating bread with meat, never dip it into the gravy on your plate, and then bite the end off.

Zoms—Miss—take care of your feathers—has the scoundrel spilt the gravy down your back?

Add four hard-boiled yolks of eggs, and pour gravy all over, cover with puff paste, and bake for one hour and a quarter.

Arrange the chickens neatly in an entre dish, pour the gravy over and serve.