Gratuity [noun]

Definition of Gratuity:

gift, tip

Synonyms of Gratuity:

Opposite/Antonyms of Gratuity:


Sentence/Example of Gratuity:

This, of course, I gladly granted as well as a little parting gratuity.

Although the gratuity has been frequently calculated in anticipation, you fail in making the mutual reminiscences agreeable.

After looking over the upper part, a small gratuity of two rupees to a sailor enabled us to proceed below to see the guns.

"The request for a glass of water was evidently only an excuse for the bestowal of an extraordinarily large gratuity," said David.

They were authorized to give up Maine to the King, and even to tender him a private gratuity of two thousand guineas.

Romney was obliged to be content with a gratuity of twenty-five guineas.

Nevertheless, we parted good friends at Cordova, where I gave him as large a gratuity as the state of my finances would permit.

He added to his fair words a small purse of gold, to defray necessary expenses on the road, as a gratuity on the King's part.

The convent of San Marco is a place worth a visit, and is open on receipt of a small fee or gratuity.

He had resigned, because his very reasonable demand for a gratuity to his troops had not been complied with.