Offering [noun]

Definition of Offering:


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Sentence/Example of Offering:

I found him crowned with garlands; for he had been offering sacrifices in the hall.

He also seized the opportunity of offering him a libretto for a new oratorio.

She thought she would love the new home they were offering her.

Then my guide surprised me a second time by offering to teach me to use the zabatana.

Captain Kyd wished me to go on an indigo plantation, offering me high wages.

Josie was offering him a dime; he accepted it without question.

Reaching it, he paused, offering the hand of genial fellowship.

He swung around, offering his earphones to Dr. Shalt, who grabbed for them hurriedly.

The authorities might have been offering him an insult instead of a good post.

The Marchesino was offering his arm to conduct Vere to the launch.