Gift [noun]

Definition of Gift:

something given freely, for no recompense

Opposite/Antonyms of Gift:

Sentence/Example of Gift:

A source familiar told me that before that trip Kushner purchased a Torah with his own money as a gift to Bahrain's King Hamad Bin Isa Al-Khalifa.

A new and improved keyboard could make a great gift for those hard-working hands of yours.

If your friend or family member has to postpone, Forrest recommends scheduling a phone date with them, offering to help contact guests, and sending them a gift on their original wedding date to make them feel special.

She recommends still sending a wedding gift and a thoughtfully written card that explains why you’re RSVP’ing no.

Additionally, the pandemic has created financial challenges with millions unemployed, so gift giving might be even more stressful.

I am not going to stand here and be grateful, like the right to vote was some gift handed down to us.

All-access for $800 includes a wrap-up report, cocktail hour access and welcome gift.

Instead, they will receive gifts like personalized products and one-off experiences in exchange for their endorsement.

We all know the struggle of trying to find a gift that’s both practical and personal.

Sephora, for instance, promises a free exclusive gift to customers on their birthday month.