Hurt [adjective]

Definition of Hurt:

physically or mentally injured

Synonyms of Hurt:

Opposite/Antonyms of Hurt:

Sentence/Example of Hurt:

The exceptional offensive play of second-year defenseman Miro Heiskanen hasn’t hurt, either.

He said that in the case of Away, he doesn’t think the brand will be hurt by having a one-time sale.

So, keep in mind that one or two redirects here and there might not hurt much, but don’t let that number grow.

Her plan was also hurt by the slumping economy this year, which pushed many state residents out of work and made more than 3,000 members eligible for Medicaid, the state-federal health program for the poor.

Scaling back the program would hurt not just those who have been injured but the many more people who count on vaccines to protect them from dangerous diseases.

Unlike a physical therapist, it’s available any time I’m hurting.

Michelle called repeatedly, begging that her husband be transferred to a psychiatric hospital so he wouldn’t hurt himself.

All it does is hurt the communities, businesses and families that are already reeling from the injustices that existed as the reason for the protesting.

Their best weapon is hurting your credit, because they know that closes a lot of doors.

The clincher of this was when I started dating someone I thought I loved, but realized after a while that he was more interested in the “story” of dating me, which really hurt me.