Scarred [verb]

Definition of Scarred:

mark, hurt

Synonyms of Scarred:

Opposite/Antonyms of Scarred:

Sentence/Example of Scarred:

The land was seamed and scarred, the colors of the foliage somber.

The scarred wooden pillars of its portico were hidden with bunting.

The surrounding hills are scarred all over with the opening of mines.

He was dressed in scarred, snug trousers and an old sweater.

How it had toiled and hurt for him, that little hand, still rough and scarred!

"Yes," said the doctor, with a strange twitch of his scarred cheek.

Dr. Hartmann showed me his hand—it was all scarred and burned.

He was scarred all over and appeared to have undergone every bodily ill.

He covered his scarred mouth, but not before the girl had caught sight of it.

His mind was scarred with drink as if a worm had bored its slow way in and out of it.