Blemish [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Blemish:

You may treat regular blemishes such as blackheads, whiteheads, and pimples with over-the-counter products.

All of a sudden, their roster has tilted more toward enhancing Young’s prodigious strengths than covering his clear blemishes.

The only blemishes for the Packers were a missed extra point by kicker Mason Crosby and a knee injury suffered by center Corey Linsley.

He had his blemishes, taking three sacks and fumbling after a long run that could have put the game away.

What’s more, small blemishes or defects in perovskite films do not lead to significant power losses.

The fact that we’re not as diverse as we need to be, and particularly in the management ranks and at the senior management ranks, it’s holding us back…I say that it is probably the biggest blemish on my report card over nine years as a CEO.

And on the day of the new moon a calf of the herd without blemish: and the six lambs, and the rams shall be without blemish.

And he chose priests without blemish, whose will was set upon the law of God.

Sore smote was Halldor, a deep wound gat he in the countenance, and to him was it a blemish all the days of his life.

With respect to moral delinquency, the only blemish in the character of Festus is a certain inconstancy in love.