Chip [noun]

Definition of Chip:

shard, flaw

Synonyms of Chip:

Opposite/Antonyms of Chip:


Sentence/Example of Chip:

"Here's a white pitcher, Jess," Violet called, holding up a perfect specimen with a tiny chip in its nose.

In such a sea the boat was tossed as if she were a chip; but the gale gave her speed, and speed gave her quick steering power.

So Roly dove into his pack, which lay unbound on the shore, and presently produced a fish-line wound around a chip.

"Reckon they'll jest chip off all my feeturs 'fore they git done with me," he grinned, feeling of the wounded part.

He was to go to Aberystwith College, and to become a preacher, and wear a black chip straw hat.

"I reckon Uncle Ike thinks I ought to go dancin' all over the hills now, with a chip on my shoulder," he said.

Hunting around until a chip from one of the boulders was found, Jack tossed it across the abyss.

Marion helped his guest to a potato on a chip, and began to eat one himself with a relish.

The same distracting thing happens to both legs, and the only remedy is to chip laboriously an icy channel around it.

In that time he had found one deeply chipped and the chip cunningly replaced and tacked in.