Sliver [noun]

Definition of Sliver:

tiny piece, usually of wood or metal

Synonyms of Sliver:

Opposite/Antonyms of Sliver:


Sentence/Example of Sliver:

But, as he held it and picked up a sliver, a thought occurred to him.

The sliver, now being twisted, is called a sliver no longer, but the slubbing.

No such difference can be perceived in the sliver at the drawing frame.

Our orders are to get back there at maximum, and you know what that means aboard the Sliver.

It doesn't mean a thing though, as far as the Sliver is concerned.

Bennet and Gussie ain't expecting a sliver of nothing for Christmas—not a sliver.

It is in this form that it leaves the card of the mill, and it is known as a sliver of wool.

Then the hand relaxed and the sliver of steel clattered to the paving.

Oh, nothing, mother; he got a sliver in his finger; I just took it out.

If the sliver breaks, the support falls, and this stops the machine.