Snip [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Snip:

And Snip did go at him, as if he would "tear him limb from limb," as the story-books say.

And, to cover his confusion, Pete laughed till the scraas of the roof began to snip.

Then Lucy might tell Caroline to snip off the bloom and give it to her.

She spoke hesitatingly, for the sight of Snip and Snap had reminded her of their habits.

“Why, Snip and Snap,” said Maisie eagerly, still holding back.

Snip's failing was so well known that no attention was paid to him.

He ought to be ashamed to snip off my finger, and then call me tough.

I want you to take him below to Snip, who will measure him for his uniforms.

It did not take long to get his pliers from his toolbag and snip off a piece of the wire.

I thank you for the snip of cloth, commonly called a pattern.