Slice [noun]

Definition of Slice:

piece; share

Synonyms of Slice:

Opposite/Antonyms of Slice:


Sentence/Example of Slice:

Come, man, you must be as hungry as a hawk—a slice of the beef?

In carving a round of beef, slice it horizontally and very thin.

When they are quite tender all through, take them out, and drain and slice them.

Peel, slice them, and fry them brown in butter or nice dripping.

Quarter the cabbage lengthways, and then slice it crossways.

Pare the pine-apple, slice it very thin, and mince it small.

A slice of light through the chink stood across the passage.

Oh, a slice of bread and just what the parents leave for them.

You say you are promised your share in the new deal, but it is not as big a slice as what you have now.

I would at any time prefer a slice off the fillet of a buffalo to any pheasant.