Fragment [noun]

Definition of Fragment:

part, chip

Synonyms of Fragment:

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Sentence/Example of Fragment:

He held up a fist-size chunk of sandy brown rock embedded with a dark, ridged oblong shape, unmistakably a plant or shell fragment.

We humans all have an inborn tendency to create a plausible story out of memory fragments.

I still get bloody noses at random times, and will for the rest of my life — a bone fragment that didn’t heal properly is just kind of floating in there.

Even the medium of streaming is being shattered into ever tinier fragments by the likes of Instagram, Quibi and TikTok.

Sometimes these rock fragments, floating in outer space, enter Earth’s atmosphere, where gravity pulls them in.

Genes are fragments of DNA that determine how an organism looks and acts.

It is undoubtedly true if we look at any little portion of business activity taken as a fragment by itself.

It is somewhat curious that, previous to the publication of Christabel, there appeared a conclusion to that splendid fragment.

Fragment, apparently from a columnar mass, of a stone intermediate between clink-stone and compact felspar.

The author of this fragment writes in the style which seems to belong to the primitive ages.