Morsel [noun]

Definition of Morsel:

tiny piece

Synonyms of Morsel:

Opposite/Antonyms of Morsel:

Sentence/Example of Morsel:

"Come, dearest sister; you have eaten not a morsel to-day," she said.

Nor will I taste a morsel of food, even if you keep me forever in your palace.

Until this very morning, not a morsel of food had passed my lips.

He then threw to them the morsel of moose-meat he had taken from the wigwam.

Swam until he was tired, and finally made a morsel for a fish.

That was too nasty a morsel for even this monster to swallow; so it let go its hold of the boat.

Bismarck took that, at once, but there was not a morsel to eat.

Among these was one morsel which Gabe rolled succulently beneath his tongue.

Pepper and salt trowis, ma'am, and a morsel of hair on the tip of his chin.

It looked all appetizing and nice; but I could not touch a morsel.