Total [adjective]

Definition of Total:

complete, thorough

Opposite/Antonyms of Total:

Sentence/Example of Total:

But the first words he uttered showed a total unconsciousness of past events.

In other words Mr. Gladstone was threatened with total blindness.

George had often played with his own friends, but never before with total strangers.

All around and above the furnace, there was total obscurity.

The total weight of the monoplane with engine and propeller is 352 pounds.

This includes the total weight of the machine and equipment, and also the operator.

Nearly half of our total original force had been taken prisoners.

The total renovation of the heart is evinced by susceptibility of conscience.

The total British loss in the battle of Trafalgar amounted to 1587.

The total loss of the English in killed, wounded, and drowned, amounted to 250.