Unmitigated [adjective]

Definition of Unmitigated:

absolute, pure

Synonyms of Unmitigated:

Opposite/Antonyms of Unmitigated:

Sentence/Example of Unmitigated:

That worthy began to think the detective from Paris was an unmitigated nuisance.

Only Zacheus, the philosopher, seemed to find them unmitigated nuisances.

Your life will be spent in making up, and marriage will be to you an unmitigated curse.

To my unmitigated horror, a white and lurid object barred my way.

We'll have a day of unmitigated pleasure and throw care to the winds.

Also morality which is based on ideas, or on an ideal, is an unmitigated evil.

But unmitigated fear filled the breasts of the secessionists.

But the captain and supercargo are a pair of unmitigated scoundrels.

He could see in after years that those days were to him a time of unmitigated blessing.

They are unmitigated ruffians, but terrible and determined fighters.