Damned [adjective]

Definition of Damned:

hateful, unwelcome

Synonyms of Damned:

Opposite/Antonyms of Damned:

Sentence/Example of Damned:

Conformity with the system, for Bronson, is a form of spiritual death that leaves you “unsaved, unforgiven, damned.”

It was a riot, organized and planned in advance, and aided by people in charge of the government so they could stay in power — pesky electoral outcomes be damned.

Of course, there will always be those marketers whose first response in any crisis is to steer ads clear of news — media owners be damned.

He is determined to map whole brains, exorbitant exabyte-scale storage be damned.

Corporations maximize profits for shareholders—workers, communities, and the environment be damned.

She wears jeans, carries a tool belt on her waist and says “I’ll be damned if I’ll go to dancing school!”

People began fighting for the right to return to life as normal — virus be damned.

This may seem a strange kind of Hail Mary, but I’ll be damned if it won’t work.

I thought at the moment it was some of his damned impertinence, but concluded that he had something on his mind.

That Hicks—the damned —— —— —— he come t' Baker's as they hooked up t' leave the Spring.