Cursed [adjective]

Definition of Cursed:

damned, doomed for bad ending

Synonyms of Cursed:

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Sentence/Example of Cursed:

Woe to the man that first did teach the cursed steel to bite in his own flesh, and make way to the living spirit.

When the man turned bad on his hands, Jahweh was angry, and cursed him and his seed for thousands of years.

He cursed himself inwardly for a fool and a dolt—the more pitiable because he accounted himself cunning above others.

One pipe after another have the cursed French shot away from my mouth.

And was it not in imitation of some such practices, as that which he attempted, that Goliath cursed David by his gods?

But when he saw there were but two of them he mentally cursed the four escorts who had so cowardly left him to his fate.

That at some period of Man's gradual evolution from the brute, God found Man guilty of some sin, and cursed him.

One of the gunmen who crouched on the floor of the rear compartment cursed quietly and without interruption for nearly a minute.

Last week I should have moped and fumed here, and cursed my luck in being bound to a log on a day like this.

Cursed be the man that brought the tidings to my father, saying: A man child is born to thee: and made him greatly rejoice.