Unholy [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Unholy:

Woe betide—but, was there ever such a gathering of unclean, unholy humanity?

“I can think about both,” was my unholy, time-serving reply.

They, too, might be banished, if the feeling that they were unholy and abominable could sink into the minds of men.

The declaration that such things are hateful to the Gods, and most abominable and unholy.

The legislator who puts them in another order is doing an unholy and unpatriotic thing.

But Esther by a word, it seemed, by a look, had the power of waking her to unholy revolt.

How could one have expected her to throw off the unholy prestige of that long domination?

It was the work of a man who knew things which it is unholy for men to know.

It was long before there arrived any diminution in the unholy racket.

The cavalry of this unholy gang was but three garrons, string and bone.