Culpable [adjective]

Definition of Culpable:

responsible for action

Opposite/Antonyms of Culpable:

Sentence/Example of Culpable:

NBC 7 San Diego seemed to provide one of the most significant revelations last week that Gloria was culpable not just of approving it and enthusiastically supporting it but of perhaps fraudulently pushing it through approval.

More foolish, more culpable weakness was never shown than in thus yielding to these schemes.

And if justice be not done, they are also culpable;—because of the want of such a power justice is not to be undone.

A sovereign could not, without a culpable sacrifice of his personal dignity, persist longer in such a contest.

They relate to the culpable remissness of these Knoxville leaders in failing to volunteer in the cause of the Confederacy.

The persons really culpable were those who sent them out without a proper staff, and without the smallest foresight.

In both cases the critic acquits them of malice, but only to convict them of culpable ignorance.

So far as I could learn from my informant, the case was one of flagrant persecution, with no culpable occasion behind it.

Poor Wilbur at this time felt guiltily culpable that he did not own a motor car in which his Margaret might take the air.

Either the amendment was insincere on the face of it, or it betrayed the most culpable ignorance.