Blameworthy [adjective]

Definition of Blameworthy:

deserving blame

Synonyms of Blameworthy:

Opposite/Antonyms of Blameworthy:

Sentence/Example of Blameworthy:

You can bear to stay in this house which I—I—infinitely less blameworthy than yourself—can hardly endure to enter?

The being acts according to its nature, and why is it blameworthy more than the brute?

This sort of aggression was considered by the majority of the representatives an enterprise as blameworthy as it was senseless.

One man is rich, another poor: let him not be thought blameworthy.

This vice, however, should not appear as blameworthy as that of avarice.

Egoism in a nation is just as blameworthy as egoism in an individual.

He was blameworthy, for he should have looked out for himself, and not have assumed foolish responsibilities.

In these past days, she had learned enough that was blameworthy in this Philadelphus to make him more than despicable in her eyes.

Imperfection and ignorance are not, in themselves, blameworthy and should never be classified as sins.

I am sorry, for, though in some respects blameworthy, he had many agreeable traits.