Amiss [adjective]

Definition of Amiss:

wrong; defective

Synonyms of Amiss:

Opposite/Antonyms of Amiss:

Sentence/Example of Amiss:

He saw in an instant that something was amiss, and drew from her a confession that her back was aching a little.

Although it is impossible, within the limits of this little volume, to give many hints upon riding, a few may not be amiss.

It seems to me, amongst the subjects treated of in my present work, that a few words on health will not come amiss.

But as the day wore on it became plain to everybody at Heston—to Roger first and foremost—that something was much amiss.

And as the days went on it grew plain to me that there was somewhat amiss about the court here.

After two months at the seat of the Empire I felt competent to tell them many things that were amiss.

When near enough he inquired whether anything was amiss, and the whole throng answered together.

I shook her hand very cordially, saying that nothing I could do for Miss Ryder would be amiss.

And the King measured her by the girdle with care, But still he of nothing amiss was aware.

He out and in with her eagerly danced, But nothing amiss in her movements he glanced.