Faulty [adjective]

Definition of Faulty:

not working; incorrect

Opposite/Antonyms of Faulty:

Sentence/Example of Faulty:

While they debated, public health labs with the faulty kits couldn’t process samples, and the FDA still hadn’t authorized any tests made by commercial labs.

When companies build technology around faulty business practices, the platform fails and vise-versa.

A 404 can be generated when a user types in a faulty address, and this may result in an error being generated on their browser that may look bad, but you can definitely address the situation.

In the latest Environment Report, MacKenzie Elmer dives into the state’s water market and one plan in particular by a utility that serves Imperial Beach and Coronado, among others, that a state watchdog recently said hinged on faulty forecasting.

Those include fears over the United States Post Office’s ability to keep pace with such a huge influx of mail and the possibility of mail-in ballots getting thrown out for having an allegedly faulty signature or arriving late.

The myth of "Boreas and Orithyia," though faulty perhaps in technique, is good in conception and arrangement.

If the ice or snow has accumulated by reason of a defective roof, then the landlord is liable because of its faulty construction.

If it cannot be accounted for by the causes at work in the story, the construction is faulty.

At this point, we may see how faulty, and yet how constantly improving, has been the administration of the criminal law.

The arches near the tower have been partly crushed owing to the shifting of the tower piers caused by faulty foundations.