Cracked [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Cracked:

Dry, cracked skin on your hands, feet, and lips are signs of the drying effect of low winter humidity.

"God bless 'ee, Missy," cried the old man in the shrill cracked voice of age, as he pressed up to the carriage window.

In his cracked old voice, he still paid his Grandisonian compliments to the two ladies.

Just as I got there, he made it to his feet somehow and cracked their heads together exactly hard enough to bring peace.

Donny recognized the high, cracked, pathetic tones which had addressed him at the station.

Then a branch cracked sharply outside, and Watch barked out loud.

The ice cracked ominously, but step by step he drew closer to where Ritter was clinging.

He was one of the men to whom alkali is a constant poison, and his lips were always cracked and bleeding.

His tail was forked too, cut like the coat of the man in the circus who cracked the whip and made the horses perform tricks.

Talpers flushed angrily, and then grinned, until his alkali-cracked lips glistened in the lamplight.