Unbroken [verb]

Definition of Unbroken:

continuous, whole

Synonyms of Unbroken:

Opposite/Antonyms of Unbroken:

Sentence/Example of Unbroken:

Yet his voice was unbroken and he was, indeed, unconscious of the tears.

Throughout the dinner their entire absorption in each other was all but unbroken.

It was about a quarter of a mile to our house; we walked the distance in unbroken silence.

And possibly her imagination would have been able to clothe it all with an unbroken forest.

Then, delighted at finding them unbroken, I tried my arms in the same way.

Their front is one unbroken wall of sheet iron and concrete.

Side by side they walked down four flights of steps in unbroken silence.

It is for you, gentlemen, to see that moral and ethical progress is unbroken.

For a hundred and twenty-five miles to southward was unbroken land.

There was no link wanting; the chain of heredity, logical and implacable, was unbroken.