Progressive [adjective]

Definition of Progressive:

liberal; growing

Opposite/Antonyms of Progressive:

Sentence/Example of Progressive:

His life has been that of his century—progressive, liberal, humanitarian in its trend.

The action of existing causes and principles is steady and progressive.

Every advance in civilisation is synonymous with a progressive diminution of the differences.

This failing should be corrected by progressive but prudent training.

But the most progressive city in this respect was Philadelphia.

What has been the progressive attitude toward the Darwinian idea?

But he seems to have supposed that the course of events was recurring rather than progressive.

H'ist the Progressive ensign and the Conservatives'll mutiny.

We're in Scarford now, and Scarford's a progressive, up-to-date place.

You are known to be rich—I mean cultured and progressive and broad-minded.