Modern [adjective]

Definition of Modern:

new, up-to-date

Opposite/Antonyms of Modern:

Sentence/Example of Modern:

The Athenian slave laws were much more mild than modern codes.

Deigma—A place in the Piræus, corresponding to the modern Exchange.

Even the village was too human, too modern, for his early-pagan mood.

A modern example of the effects it is capable of is recorded by Tartini.

In painting, we believe we possess a school second to none of modern art.

For the most part this stand is taken by the intellectuals in all modern countries.

I was not working on what our modern idiom neatly summarises as "my own."

Mammon is the word which the modern translator gives as gold.

For the fanatic is one of the hinges which swing the door of the modern world.

He felt that modern methods and the best usage might not have approved of the bag.