Antiquated [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Antiquated:

Unfortunately, others are often difficult to decode, clean, validate or even download, sometimes being trapped inside of difficult to parse PDFs, fragmented reports or within antiquated querying search tools that spit out awkward tables.

You have to reform these antiquated environmental policies, and our current administration isn’t a fan of environmental protections.

We’re relying on old, antiquated policies and ideas that we put into place years ago.

So, high school in particular has lots of antiquated methods that students sit and work out by hand.

When at table to press your guests to take more than they have inclination for, is antiquated and rude.

Mrs Pike was, fortunately for him, a conscientious person; but her notions were somewhat antiquated.

In the centre of the town stood the old church, antiquated in its appearance, but venerable and holy in its associations.

They speak, or think, of it as of some matter of antiquated prejudice—of stale, conventional observance.

Some dressed themselves in old-fashioned and antiquated clothes which they found in the chambers.

The priesthood came armed with the antiquated and unwieldy weapons of old controversy, forgotten traditions and exhausted legends.