Moldy [adjective]

Definition of Moldy:


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Sentence/Example of Moldy:

We put in nearly a week rummaging through that moldy old barracks.

The air was heavy and moldy; the sides of the cave wet and slippery.

The odor and taste should be fresh and clean and not musty or moldy.

It makes me sad just to think of that fine, old, stale, moldy cheese.

Is Dad going to spend the whole day in this moldy old museum?

The bread was moldy and the beef too tough even for well men to eat.

Both became rancid and moldy, and were at the mercy of the rats and mice.

It was full, but not quite full, of moldy and forgotten books.

It has been noticed, however, that moldy bacon is seldom infested with the skipper.

Later there appears on the surface of the moist cheese, a moldy growth.