Mildewy [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Mildewy:

The old black wrap was still in it, but it was mildewy and stuck to the basket.

Although the meat was passable, the bread—heavy, sodden, and often mildewy—was a source of daily and indignant protest.

Their faces are all mildewy--eaten away,' and she hid her face for an instant with her left hand.

Tommy is one o' that mildewy sort as are gen'rally gloomy and down on their luck.

The outline of the damp, mildewy wall was just visible in the feeble, flickering light.

Miss Troil came in and took out the things, which, having become damp and mildewy, she wished to dry.

He presented, altogether, rather a mildewy appearance, and emitted a fragrant odour of full-flavoured Cubas.

We followed a pad through the weeds until we came to a dilapidated, mildewy slab hut.

She broke one, drinking its water, which was mildewy, and eating the last particle of the meat.