Stuffy [adjective]

Definition of Stuffy:

close, oppressive

Synonyms of Stuffy:

Opposite/Antonyms of Stuffy:

Sentence/Example of Stuffy:

What a joy it was to get away from stuffy courts of justice into the pure Warwickshire air.

She was back again in the stuffy hotel room, clutching the sheet about her.

The enclosure was very hot and stuffy; there was a smell of dust and straw.

I don't like his books; I can't breathe in his stuffy drawing-rooms.

The cabins were stuffy and the clamour of the donkey engine made him restless.

The coroner sat in a stuffy little room, the windows of which were open.

It was on the ground floor, stuffy, dark, and ill furnished.

I'd rather eat in the open than in the stuffy dining-room of a hotel any time.

It's all stuffy and moth-eaten, and the gold is nearly black.

"Listening to a stuffy debate in the Senate," said Daphne without a smile.