Current [adjective]

Definition of Current:

contemporary; common

Opposite/Antonyms of Current:

Sentence/Example of Current:

If new variants manage to overcome the current vaccines, they could require at the very least a booster shot — further slowing down the rollout by adding yet another dose — or require producing new vaccines altogether.

So toilet paper, or a character wearing a mask, immediately brings you to the current day.

If you say your helmet is better than another helmet, you have to be able to prove it, something that’s very hard to do given the current framework.

It’s often a good idea to follow this guideline, as setting a goal that is significantly lower than your current CPA could cause your conversion rate to crash.

It’s important to note that keywords are constantly evolving based on current trends, events, and news.

Still, I’m uneasy about the notion that the current law gives Jack Dorsey or a senior Twitter official the right to decide where the president of the United States gets heard.

I don’t think that the RFP in its current form is going anywhere, as much as we all would, myself included, like for it to be more efficient.

We evaluated the 245 recent and current contracts in our collection against these representative provisions.

As a lifelong athlete, current marathon runner, and student of yoga, performance-supporting yet delicious plant-based nutrition has been a personal obsession.

Our current surveillance system sequences less than 1% of cases to see whether they are a variant.