Fad [noun]

Definition of Fad:


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Sentence/Example of Fad:

It is clear data privacy is not a fad going away anytime soon.

To the uninitiated, bowfishing may seem like the latest gear-intensive fad.

When I hear people talking about serious political movements as fads, my sense is that they are trying to discredit those movements, which, in turn, makes me wonder if their desire to discredit them comes from feeling threatened.

Now, five months later, doubters have cast it off as a political fad, an idea that’s gimmicky and fleeting.

And, more importantly, establish which are here to stay and which are just a fad with no long-term implications.

During that period of time, many kids like me became well acquainted with diet fads and foods, to the extent that we sometimes didn’t even realize we were snacking on them.

If we’re not careful, participatory machine learning could follow the path of AI ethics and become just another fad that’s used to legitimize injustice.

There's such a fad for nature study these days that almost everybody this year has ordered the 'Gray-Plush Squirrel' series.

People had laughed at his fad, but now he was more pleased with himself as a result of it than ever before.

My collection is now great; but I fear I shall tire of the fad before completing it.