Mania [noun]

Definition of Mania:

fixation, madness

Opposite/Antonyms of Mania:

Sentence/Example of Mania:

Not only that, but you have a mania for insisting that other men drink with you.

I have a mania, by no means always gratified,––to be out of doors.

People ceased paying attention to it, it was a mania of his so he had declared.

But her own devotion increased until it at last became a mania.

He was an enthusiastic cyclist, and speed was a mania with him.

I developed a mania for asserting my power and getting myself talked about.

The Germans, as a Frenchman wittily remarked, are born with the mania of annexation.

Owing to this mania, his flock were forgotten, and came to forget him.

Alienists declare that almost every man and woman has some hobby or mania.

Better to end all the danger of that by removing himself from the reach of mania or shame.